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If there is a betting house that has paid the attention that eSports deserve, that is Betway. Of course, it is the most recommended site to make predictions in a lot of different games and in competitions of different levels, not just the big events. And we do not say it to say, we explain why.
Like all bookmakers, Betway has a lot of sports categories that include different competitions. What happens with eSports is that they are made up of several categories and, therefore, it is logical that they have their own section. This happens, unlike other sites, in Betway Sports. Its main sections, which are quickly accessed with a click, are Sports, Casino, eSports and Plus (promotions). Just for this, they already deserve our attention, but there is more. Within the Betway eSports section, you have four sections: Featured, Live Now, Coupons and Explore. In the last section, that of Explore, you will find access to the different eSports categories or games that you can bet on esportzbet. Betway’s treatment of eSports bets is exactly the same as with other sports practices. Therefore, you have the possibility to make forecasts in eSports competitions with different markets or types of bets. In addition, it is very common that, as you can also find in football or basketball, Betway offers improved fees for outstanding events of the day.