BC2000 D – routing matrix

BC2000 D – routing matrix

– It fully meets analogue and digital audio routing and
distribution needs in radio and television program production centres and other similar settings.
– It sums, distributes and processes up to thousands of
audio inputs and outputs either located at a central
control room or distributed at different points among
them at a distance of more than 10 Km.
– Control may be centralized or structured from different
workstations with user, administration and supervision
– applications and from XY panels.
– It offers multiple possibilities for the user to configure
their interface through the configuration software, both
for the control via software and via tactile panels.
– As the central element of an installation, it is a solution
based in hardware and software security and redundancy, in order to assure its work 24 hours a day, 7
days a week.

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BC2000 D – routing matrix

AEQ’s BC-2000-D Router fully satisfies analog and digital audio routing and distribution requirements in both radio and television program production centers, as well as other applications.

Using TDM technology, the BC-2000-D sums, distributes, and processes literally thousands of audio inputs and outputs. The use of fiber optic links to interconnect sub-units makes the BC 2000 D Router a versatile, decentralized system. One sub-unit may have more than 150 inputs / outputs, and can be located a distance of up to ~ 6 miles ( 10 Km ) from the other units in the system.

Digital and analog inputs/outputs, and even microphone inputs, can easily be combined – meeting existing and/or future requirements. Additionally, AEQ’s BC 2000 D Router has exceptional signal processing capabilities.

Control of the system may be from a central location, as well as from different workstations allowing users, administrators, and supervisors access to the applications and even dedicated XY control panels.