· Every CU can be used by up to 3
commentators and 1 guest.
· Easy access to commentators remote Studio
and Technician talkback circuits.
· Transformer balanced inputs and outputs,
with a high degree RF protection.
· Headphone monitoring: the listening
circuits allow each commentator to select
and mix the Public Adress System
(PA)International Sound (IS), 2 external
lines (AUX and GUIDE) and Program
signals, for left or right earphone.
· Micro switch bank for power-up
configuration through programmable nonvolatile memory
· Programmable Digital Level Processor and
high pass filter, remotely controllable mute
and level control for each of the four input
· Telephone line connector, for alternative
communications: telephone or digital
telephone hybrid, or PC via módem for
written reports.
· Local or remote auto-switch poweringa con
cambio automático.
· Compact, shock and water drop resistant
desk-top construction.




The definitive solution for the overall Host Broadcaster needs in regards to Commentary systems.

For the fully equipped – full service commentary positions at any sport event, the AEQ DCS-10 becomes the best choice.  The Commentary unit provides very easy to use intercom and talk-back facilities, enabling the commentator to be in communication with his home studio through both Programme and Coordination circuits and with the local commentary technician. For monitoring, the commentator can choose  any mix of his own Programme and Programme return, PA, International Sound, Guide and/or Auxiliary channel. Further, the unit allows the commentator to choose for which ear what signal is to be present in his headset. without having close the programme circuit.

The CCU rack is the control unit of the Commentary Unit and controls up to 10 commentary positions and has for each commentary position 4 independent recordable ID message tracks for id. and system line-up. The CCU provides a wide array of operational possibilities such as talk-back to commentators and remote studios or OB-vans, connection of additional audio services for commentators, etc. Summarizing, the DCS-10 is a system that adapts perfectly to any technical and operational requirements for the broadcasting of an international sport event.