• Digital FM modulator “direct to channel”
  • Highest signal quality
  • Perfect audio fidelity
  • Several built-in broadcast tools
  • 5 band sound processor
  • Control of all signal parameters
  • Compact transmitter, modular design
  • Protected against VSWR, temperature, over-voltage, short circuit, overload…
  • Switching power supplies with large voltage range
  • Active surge current limiting
  • Optional Surge Suppressor
  • Automatic program input switching and recovery (audio and MPX)
  • Audio Backup (from µSD card)
  • Internal RDS Backup


Compact Medium Power FM Transmitter
The  2000W FM Transmitter has been designed to offer an innovative and highly reliable solution for medium power transmission.
Based on a 6th Generation MOSFET, the Ecreso FM 2000W is highly robust and delivers efficiency of up to 72%. Top signal quality and performance are achieved thanks to the “FM Band Direct to Frequency” Digital Modulator. It also offers several innovative features such as dynamic RDS encoding and 5 band sound processing.
Fully featured for local maintenance and configuration, the Ecreso FM 2000W allows extensive remote control by Web server, SNMP, RS232 or GPIOs.

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Weight 18 kg