Intercom Systems

Intercom Systems

  • Intercom matrixes, from modular and redundant ones featuring thousands of ports, to more compact systems comprising tens or hundreds of them, as well as multichannel Party Line intercom systems without matrix.
  • Top quality, audio processing user panels with up to 80 keys.
  • Wireless intercom systems offering dozens of simultaneous conversations.
  • And additional connectivity elements: audiocodecs, AoIP terminals, TDM routers, Commentary Positions, Virtual user panels running on PC…


KROMA by AEQ Intercom Systems

KROMA intercom systems are included in AEQ AoIP and TDM bus – based routing systems. In a similar way, AEQ Commentary Systems and IP Audiocodecs can be incorporated to KROMA Intercom Systems.

And all of them, as a whole, can take part on IP based audio networks with Broadcast quality, integrating devices from more than 350 manufacturers allover the world, including some of the best-regarded ones in this sector.