S-Series LED500 3-Light Kit

S-Series LED500 3-Light Kit


eaturing a slimmer and lighter design at just 2.0 lb, the LED500 Silver Series Bi-Color LED Light from Dracast is an ideal choice for location work, interviews, and small sets where color accuracy, control, and flicker-free output are of major importance. Variable color temperature from 3200K-5600K or anywhere in between means that you can quickly match the prevailing ambient or artificial light balance with a simple twist of a knob while others are still applying filters. Dimming is equally convenient via another knob that adjusts the light intensity from 100-0% with negligible color shift. The low electrical draw of just 30W means a timely return on your investment.

The durable anodized aluminum frame is supported by an oversized, U-shaped yoke with locking knobs on each side and a standard 5/8″ receiver. The LED500 can be used worldwide, powered by the included 100-240 VAC adapter in the studio, or by V-Mount batteries in the field. Four-way barndoors for contouring and control of the LED500’s 45-degree beam angle are included. For protection during transport and storage, a carry case is included.



The 3-Light Kit from Dracast includes three S-Series LED500 LED lights in either daylight (5600K) or variable color (3200K – 5600K).  The kit includes either v-mount or NPF battery plates pre-installed on each light as well as light stands and barndoors for each fixture.  Also included are individual carry bags for the light fixtures and light stands, plus your choice of either a nylon padded carrying case or injection molded hard travel case.